IDM Group

The IDM Group, since 1988, has been involved in the challenges and opportunities that the national and international market has been offering, having registered over the years entries in the business areas, in addition to textiles, such as tourism, civil construction, technology and food.

In the business he is involved in, he observes strict management, seeking relevant operational results, in order to create competitive potential, such as meeting new concepts and challenges, especially looking at their implicit social part, which is the creation of new jobs. , improving local, regional and national economies.

In the current climate of economic uncertainty, fortunately, it is carrying out yet another high exame of adaptation towards the future, with special attention to the management of scarce resources, observing in detail management, costs, good investment in order to maintain its precious asset which is the well-being, the balance, the satisfaction of its human resources, in search of the convenient maintenance of the balance of the families of all its collaborators.

Faces with perseverance the challenges that are proposed, today, tomorrow, as it was the conquest of the past, which qualified, as they provide the current leadership position that it occupies in the market.

Over the years, due to the open opportunity, new products, new brands and new patents have been developed, applied to each business area, giving it, emphasis, charisma, notoriety, movement and hope.

Over and above every opportunity, research and innovation has been carried out, night and day, in the sense of valuing quality as the diversity of our offer for the real benefit of users and society.

We were also given the opportunity to position ourselves in the world to better help our customers, to realize, to know and grow.

We hope that they will help us to be different, to see if we continue to put some more bricks in this cathedral.

Towards that future that is proposed to us.

José Barreira