IDM Group

IDM Group, comes from the name of the company IDM, – Imperio das Meias, Lda, headquartered at Rua Fernando Pires de Lima nº74 – Lama Santo Tirso, Portugal, located in the center of the textile industry in the North of Portugal

The IDM Group started its activity in 1988 in the clothing, socks and underwear sector, which quickly became one of the companies in the sector that most exported in Portugal in 2005, a status that has been consolidated over the years.

With the exponential growth and success of its businesses, the Group has expanded its reach and internationalized its operations, guaranteeing its current multinational, multisectoral positioning.

The IDM Group aggregates a universe composed of 10 companies, with operations structured in five sub-holdings: IDM Industry, IDM Real Estate, IDM Drinks, IDM Tourism and IDM Network.

Internationally assume a prominent presence in Angola, Spain, Turkey and São Tomé, its products are present in more than forty countries worldwide.

Our brands of export clothing, socks, tights, sportswear, underwear, sleepwear and home textiles and foods, have a particular place in the world.